Kona KonaShiksha is a step in direction towards our belief in financial inclusion for all sections of society. We have initiated this campaign, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, with a focus on creating awareness and educating the youth of our country with financial markets know-how and understanding. View Media Release

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Through this initiative, we aim to build the capabilities of our youth who could be potential citizens in contributing towards our future economy.

Apart from the potential of providing higher risk-adjusted returns, the securities market also has a distinct effect on the development and growth of an economy owing to various factors, including creating jobs. We, at Kotak Securities, strongly believe that financial literacy/ education should be a prerequisite for all citizens in the country, as it would help them manage economic dimensions and make financial decisions.

While the regular college curriculum covers a bouquet of subjects with regards to personal finance management, economy, and other financial aspects at a broader level, there seems to be a vacuum when it comes to a deep focus on financial literacy. Hence, there is a need to improve financial literacy/ education in the country to make citizens responsible investors, make them aware of risks involved and be capable of evaluating investment opportunities.

As of 31st December' 21, 28000+ students from 260 colleges across 82 cities - have benefitted from this programme.

Partnership with NISM

Kotak Securities has partnered with NISM, to curate and conduct financial education programs for the youth. This educational programme will focus on investment basics and also guide students for career opportunities in this field. View Media Release

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We envisage below benefits to the student community

Ability to make better financial decisions
Learn about life-stage and goal-based financial planning
Understand the importance of long-term investments, including equities
Gain knowledge about all kinds of financial assets
Effective management of money and debt
Become responsible investors
Open newer career and entrepreneurial opportunities

Our Students Feedback

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