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An 足球电子竞技联赛 or an Initial Public Offering is the first sale of the company's equity to the public. It helps raise capital for the company by diluting the equity holdings of founds and investors to on board public investors. During an 足球电子竞技联赛 trading, a part of shares are reserved for investors such as HNIs and Institutional investors.

Current 足球电子竞技联赛 s

Avail the opportunity to invest in the following 足球电子竞技联赛 s that are currently open for subscription

Forthcoming 足球电子竞技联赛 s

Stay informed about Upcoming 足球电子竞技联赛 listings of companies and make the best of investment opportunities at attractive prices.

Past 足球电子竞技联赛 s

Have a quick look at recent 足球电子竞技联赛 stocks performance right from their listing day to any date in a particular calendar year.

Features of Initial Public Offer (足球电子竞技联赛 )

1. Benefit with attractive pricing- You can choose the 足球电子竞技联赛 based on the attractive prices that are offered by different companies.

2. Make the most with ASBA- Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) allows one to invest at your convenience through net banking without the use of any paper work. It helps you cut the time taken between allotment and refund since it shortens the time in between refund of application.

How to apply for an 足球电子竞技联赛

You can invest in 足球电子竞技联赛 s only through ASBA and only if you have a Trinity account with Kotak Securities. Using ASBA, you can invest in public issues by authorizing the bank to block an amount equivalent to the application amount in the linked bank account. The application amount is not debited from the account but remains blocked till the completion of allotment process. On allotment, amount required will be debited from the bank account whereas in case of partial or no allotment, the amount unutilized due to non-allotment will be released. Have more questions? Click here to find answers.

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